Call for papers / poster presentations / artistic presentations

We like to invite you to contribute within one of the following categories:


We invite submissions addressing areas within research and development related to music technology. Papers can focus on technical, artistic or scientific issues within areas like:
- signal processing
- music information retrieval
- performer-machine interaction
- music production
- music cognition and perception
- education and teaching
- other issues

Papers can be submitted in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish or English. The papers will be published online on the conference website just after the conference. Presentation of the papers will have a 20 minute limit, with additional 10 minutes for questions, comments and discussion. This can be adjusted taking into account the total number of contributions. Any special requirements for equipment for the presentations must be requested.

Obligatory template for scientific papers for NoMuTe2006:
Word (Right-click "word" to store the document on your computer)
PDF (Right-click "pdf" to store the document on your computer)

If word is not used as text-editor, please make the final layout as close as possible to the pdf sample layout.

Poster presentations

Educational institutions are invited to give poster presentations describing their programs and facilities.

How to submit:

- Send an abstract of maximum 300 words.
- Include name of the person(s) representing the institution

Artistic presentation

We welcome artistic submissions involving music technology for presentation in concerts (evening) or intermissions (morning/afternoon). This can be laptop-music, sound installations, acousmatic works, performance, multi-media compositions or other genres / forms of presentation.

How to submit:

- Send a recording of the submission as Audio-CD or DVD.
- Include a short description of the submission of max. 100 words.
- CV, maximum one page.

For all submissions:

- All documents must be sent in .pdf format, formatted for A4-paper to post@nomute.no
- Deadline for all submissions are june 15^th
- Notification of acceptance will be given before August 15^th.

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